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Here at La Lumiere we believe that no great event is complete without the perfect lighting.


Kristina Ercolano knew just this and more than a decade ago founded a company that specialises in beautiful and innovative event lighting and draping.


Prior to starting La Lumiere, Kristina worked in the film industry as an art director. Here she spent her days making set designs look perfect while in her spare time making rose fairy lights. What she didn't know then was that her rose lights would be the foundation product for a hire and installation company...


Today she is the head honcho, designer extraordinaire and draping queen. With her wealth of knowledge coupled with her meticulous eye for detail and penchant for a challenge you know your event will look perfect, beautiful and unique. She has surrounded herself with a team of talented, creative, like minded people.


As well as a reputation for creative and innovative styling La Lumiere is also known to have faultless standards when it comes to installations, which is down to our expert crew of lighting technicians, fabric ninjas and scissor lift masters.


There may be 5am starts, midnight pack downs in the rain, misbehaving fabrics, last minute bookings, sunburn and set ups that take hours just to be taken down in minutes but ultimately we absolutely LOVE what we do!


We love working at spectacular locations, gorgeous private gardens, five star hotels and some of the top venues in the country. We love spending time with some of the nicest clients on a daily basis, we love working with other 'creative types'. But most of all, we love creating a design that is specifically tailored for you, working with you to make it perfect then getting to see it come to life!


So, with all that being said, we can't wait to create your perfect event with beautiful lights soon!

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