The Corner Store - icicle lights

Motat Auckland - Christmas installation

Hilton Auckland - icicle lights and curtains lights

Icicle lights on balcony and railing

Icicle lights on balcony and string lights

Shopping centre Christmas - fringe lights pure white

Auckland Museum - ceiling lights with red ceiling wash

Motat - fringe and festoons Christmas lighting

Hopetoun Alpha - icicles on balcony and red up lights

LED hanging  star

Franklin Rd - Christmas 2010

Christmas on Ponsonby Rd Auckland - Moo Chow Chow

Motat - Christmas street lights

String fairy lights adding some Christmas sparkle to the garden

Large fairy light chandeliers spilling onto table

Federal St Auckland - large string light xmas display

Westfield St Lukes - string lights in palms

Auckland viaduct - icicle lights

St Stephens Church - fringe lights and string lights to the spire

6m curtain lights spilling down house wall

Motat - Christmas lights on cottage

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