Corporate Events

Vector Arena - grand chandelier with string lights and icicles

Sky City - icicle lights in trees

Auckland Hilton - string lights and black organza draping and pillars

Auckland Museum - vintage bulb festoons and ivy

Millenium Grand Hotel - Ceiling transformation with string lights

Clooney Restaurant - icicle lights covering ceiling

Viaduct Event Centre - grand fairy light chandelier

Sky City Auckland - black fairy light chandelier entrance

Quay Project Auckland - vintage bulb chandeliers

Sky City - curtain lights & chandeliers

Town Hall - parted curtain lights, icicle lights, lanterns

Federal St Auckland City - string light street lighting

Bruce Mason Centre - large fairy light chandeliers

Auckland Museum - fairy light chandelier ceiling piece

Vector Arena - large fairy light curtain wall

The Wharf - Nouveau chandeliers with fairy light design

Sky City Auckland - curtain light and organza entrance

Victoria Park - icicle lights ceiling peice

Sky City Grand X Factor Party - string light canopy

Gus Fisher Gallery - 6m curtains, 2m curtains and blossom trees

The Wintergarden - string lights around pillars

Shed 10 - festoon bulbs over long tables

Shed 10 - Winter wonderland with pure white icicle lights

String light tree installation - Kelliher Estate

Auckland Town Hall - icicle lights and curtain lights

RWC2011 - Flag installation using LED curtain lights

Sky City - curtain lights with black organza tunnel entrance

Auckland Museum - grand fairy light chandelier

Grand fairy light chandelier - ASB Showgrounds

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